Event: June 23 - District 10 Supervisor Candidate Forum

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Meet the District 10

Supervisor Candidates

June 23
Minnesota Street Project
1275 Minnesota St.

Get to know the candidates running for District 10 Supervisor in an intimate moderated forum setting. Hosted at Minnesota Street Project, Shamann Walton, Tony Kelly, Uzuri Pease-Greene, and Theo Ellington will discuss questions submitted by the audience and address issues and topics that neighbors are interested in.

Moderated  by Lydia Chavez
UC Berkeley Professor of Journalism and founder of Mission Local

Space is limited, please RSVP as soon as possible.


Theo Ellington

Theo is running to make sure every family can afford to live in our great city. This means creating better housing options for middle-income and working-class families, while attracting good‑paying jobs to help close the inequality gap.

Website: www.Theo2018.com


Tony Kelly

For 15 years, I’ve volunteered with neighbors like you to create parks out of vacant lots, to save and create affordable housing, to get toxic dirt and pollution out of our neighborhoods, to save schools and build new ones, to make theaters out of basements.  I helped create the unique Green Benefit District, and I wrote a ballot measure to end family homelessness that got 63% of the vote in the November 2016 election.  

I’ve served as President of the Potrero Hill Democratic Club and the Potrero Boosters Neighborhood Association, Site Council President at Enola Maxwell Middle School, and on task forces and advisory boards to the Mayor, the Port, and the Board of Supervisors.

I am asking to continue that neighborhood advocacy at the Board of Supervisors — to get the city to stop forcing people to choose between our jobs or our health, our money or our home.  And I’ll show up in the neighborhoods as well, for District 10 office hours every single day of the year — to listen, to be accountable, to make sure that my work in City Hall works for you and helps keep you in San Francisco.

Website:  www.tonykellysupervisor.com



Uzuri pease-greene

As a community builder in Potrero Hill public housing, I advocate for people who often get left out and work to improve my neighborhood every day. We need new resources and opportunities for people in the community. Building real relationships between neighbors, businesses, and City Hall is what is needed to make this happen together.

I know the struggles that many face. I was homeless for years, sleeping on the sidewalk in a cardboard box, in doorways, and cars. I struggled with addiction. Public housing gave me a chance to change my life and rebuild my future.

I have been clean and sober for nine years. 

I got my GED, graduated college, and now I am finishing up a Master’s program in Public Administration. I work full-time as a Community Builder for an affordable housing developer and am active in community policing efforts. I helped start a nonprofit in Potrero Hill public housing to strengthen the community and let people flower.

Public housing gave me a chance to rebuild my life. I've worked hard to become a leader in my community and create opportunities for others. I can be the leader that District 10 needs!




Shamann Walton

Shamann Walton was born in San Francisco and lived in public housing at an early age in Bayview and Potrero Hill. He has worked in our District 10 neighborhoods for decades. Shamann has witnessed firsthand the challenges our community faces from long-time residents being pushed out of the city to losing childhood friends to violence and incarceration. As an accomplished and experienced community leader, Shamann has dedicated his life to improving these realities in our community and is committed to identifying solutions to our most pressing issues. He has a proven track record of creating positive change in the community he serves.

As President of the San Francisco Board of Education, Shamann spearheaded the effort to close the achievement gap for Black, Latino, and special needs students. As the current Executive Director at Young Community Developers (YCD), Shamann focuses on job training, career placement, affordable housing development, and anti-displacement services.

Website: https://www.shamannwalton.com

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After the event, Minnesota Street Project has put together a wonderful docent-led tour of the following galleries. If you are interested in joining the tour, please RSVP above.

11:30 Nancy Toomey Fine Art
11:45 Eleanor Harwood Gallery
12:00 Bass & Reiner
12:15 Themes + Projects

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About Minnesota Street Project:

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Visitors are encouraged to visit the Project's ten charter galleries, each presenting a unique perspective on the contemporary art landscape. A current list of exhibitions at 1275 Minnesota Street can be found here.

Across from 1275, 1240 Minnesota St. is home to the Project's Artist Studio Program. Accommodating eighty working artists with private studio spaces and shared resources, this complex was designed to provide leading and emerging Bay Area artists with affordable workspace.




Refreshments for the event kindly provided by Philz Coffee.