Thank You For The Esprit Park Record Cleanup

It's official - we broke a record! Rec & Park says our cleanup, which had over 52 - FIFTY TWO! - people come to help is the most they've ever seen at Esprit Park. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who showed up to give our beloved park a makeover and tackle litter, weeds, fallen branches, and more. Our diverse group of volunteers included neighbors; friends; family; members of UCSF, GBD, and DNA; Golden State Warriors Ground staff and enthusiasts; dogs; and the cutest bagel-eating babies you've ever seen. It was a warm and beautiful show of support from the community and we loved seeing the neighborhood and its supporters gather together to get to know each other and contribute their time. Thank you to our Rec & Park gardeners Brian and Megan for helping us navigate the morning, and thank you to Philz for the delicious coffee and breakfast. Lastly, thank you Kimi for the ridiculous fruit tart that spawned an intense rock, paper, scissors competition for the last slice.

Stay tuned for more from Toes & Paws! We can't wait to have another cleanup to tackle the north side of the park. Have any other projects you'd like us to get involved in? Let us know!